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Thank you for your interest in joining our reseller network that spans the globe. We want you to know as much about us as possible before coming on board.

Underground Computers Inc. has flexible and diverse ways of placing orders to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

  • 非常感谢您有兴趣加入我们全球的销售网络,在您加入之前想让您对我司有尽可能多的了解。
  • UCI 有着灵活多样的购买方式满足不同客户的多样化需求。


  • 1. We will need your company name, shipping address, phone number, and contact name.
    • 我们将需要您提供贵司名称,收货地址,电话号码,联系人姓名
  • 2. All transactions are done Wire Transfer only.
      • 所有交易只接收电汇
  • 3. All our products are sold As-Is with varying grades from New to Roughly used. Customers have said our product is above the industry standard when it comes to quality.
    • 所有产品都按照原始配置出售,产品等级从“新”到“大致使用过”一应俱全。购买过的客户一致认为我们的产品高于行业标准。
  • 4. If you want to receive our product offerings please send your e-mail address to sales@undcom.com.
    • 如果需要收到我们的产品清单,请发邮件至sales@undcom.com

 Our hope is this additional information will contribute to a more knowledgeable decision for your company.

  • 希望这额外的信息有助于贵司做出更明智的决定。

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