• Underground Computers Inc. is a wholesale distributor of Second-Hand, off-lease and refurbished laptops, notebooks and portable computer devices. Founded in 1989, we have been serving a network of clients that encompass the globe.
  • With the widespread distribution of portable devices and a burgeoning Internet across the world from Europe to the “Pacific Rim” our responsibility to provide affordable portable devices has grown geometrically.
  • Underground Computers Inc. with our staff of A+ certified technicians developed the standards of quality in refurbished computers and set the pace for the industry. This attention to quality in all areas gives our clients the ability to select from any number of top brand computers like IBM, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and OEM branded products. Our selection provides the best possible diversity in pricing reflecting the quality in processors, hard drives and functionality to fit our client’s needs.
  • Located in Michigan we consider this an advantage to respond with our products from a central location in the United States and the entire globe as our neighborhood.

Second-Hand Laptops ~ er shou bi ji ben ~ 二手笔记本